Hello and welcome to my BLOG!! The name is VlogGrrr because I also post Video Blogs on YouTube! I started Vlogging in January 2016 and I love it! I have learned so much in such a short time about creating videos and video editing. I have made lots of friends and contacts and (according to comments and feedback I have received) I have made people laugh, cry, and apparently very angry! *Grrr*

I’m not new to blogging and actually started my first WordPress blog back in 2010 (You can check it out at It features some of my original writings including short stories and poems. I love being able to express my creativity through writing and YouTube videos!

If you stick around, you’ll learn a LOT about me; possibly too much! My goal is to hopefully inspire you and make you laugh! The first video I’m sharing here is my ROAST YOURSELF CHALLENGE (DISS TRACK) Video. This video was in response to the Roast Yourself Challenge that was started in June 2016 by the YouTuber Ryan Higa.

It was a fun challenge for me and allowed me to combine my love for music, writing and creating videos. I hope you enjoy and will join me on this journey called LIFE. Follow my blog and/or subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I look forward to sharing my journey with YOU! 🙂

~ VlogGrrr