Two ladies just knocked on my door. They were wearing Hillary buttons and stickers. One of them had a funny little election hat on and both of them were wearing long sleeve shirts. That’s besides the point, but they were walking door to door, outside, in Florida’s 80 something degree sunny weather! πŸ˜₯ Anyway, they asked me flat out if I was voting this year. And I’m an honest person, so I said no. I don’t like politics or getting involved, especially when I don’t agree with or like any of the candidates.

They weren’t too happy with my answer and went on to explain how Hillary would give her life for children and has spent her lifetime doing just that and how someone (I don’t remember who or even knew who he was when she mentioned him) had said that the first female president to run for office needed to be a mixture of two things: ruthless and Mother Teresa, and that Hillary embodied just that.

Now, I agree that Hillary has done plenty of positive things for the lives of children and education, and I would probably entrust my child (if I had one) to Hillary (and even Harambe) before even thinking about letting Donald Trump anywhere near my children or anyone that I remotely care about, for that matter. And I agree that Hillary is a ruthless fighter that won’t quit…but Mother Teresa? It took all of my strength not to laugh at these two older women in their long sleeve shirts and Hillary paraphernalia. If anything, I admired their tenacity and unwavering devotion to a female presidential candidate. I too would absolutely love to see history made with a female president, and I truly believe I will, come January 2017, but unfortunately Hillary is not the woman that I can take pride in as our first Lady President. I only wish Michelle Obama was running for president…now there’s a woman I can look to and be proud of!

So I told the two ladies in their long sleeves that I would think about voting and that they could rest assure that I would definitely NOT be voting for Donald Trump and I sent them on their way, after one of them complained about standing in the heat for too long. Again, it took all of my strength not to bring up their ridiculous long sleeves.

This is the first time anyone has knocked on our doors campaigning for a candidate. In past years, the most we’ve ever gotten were the annoying phone calls and mail outs. And yes, this year is a highly important election year with very high stakes, because in my opinion, if Trump is elected, then America will be in a very dangerous and scary situation. But at the same time, if I don’t agree with or like Hillary, then why should I be forced to vote for Hillary? Because she’s the only other choice? But she isn’t. And this is what is wrong with America today. It’s not that Trump and Hillary are our only 2 front runners as leaders of this great nation (although that is a HUGE indicator), it’s that people who aren’t rich enough or famous enough are not even given a proper chance. It’s like a high school popularity contest all over again!

It is my belief (and I am not wrong for thinking this because it is my belief and I am fully entitled to my beliefs) that anyone running for president should be given the same opportunity and platform as all of the other candidates. So if there are 3 presidential debates, then ALL of the candidates should be present at the debates and have a chance to be heard.

There are several other candidates running for President that I’ve never even heard of! Why? Why haven’t I heard of or seen any of these other candidates? Gary Johnson and Darrell L. Castle and Jill Stein and Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente are all running for President too! MAYBE, I want Jill Stein as my first female President, OR MAYBE I think the thought of having a “President Rocky” would be cool! But I’ve never even seen or heard of these people, so I’m not even given a fair choice as to who I want to elect as President. And it is for this very reason that I don’t vote. Because I actually agree with Donald Trump on one thing….elections are rigged. Not in the way he thinks, but they are rigged in favor of the most popular and powerful people and that doesn’t always mean the most qualified person to be President. The little guys (and gal) who might be best for the job get overlooked and ignored and trampled on by their powerful counterparts and the mainstream media.

So this year, I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to visit each candidate’s website: Gary Johnson, Darrell L. Castle, Jill Stein, and even Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (if he even has a website) and I’m going read each of their platforms, and if I find someone worth voting for, then I WILL vote for them. Everyone (and by everyone, I mean “the system”) tries to scare voters into voting for the two front runners because a vote for anyone else is a wasted vote, but I say SCREW THE SYSTEM!

I will not be pressured into voting for either Hillary or Trump when there are 7 viable options, NOT JUST 2 (the 7th option being a write-in ballot) and if none of those work for me, then maybe I WILL just vote for Michelle Obama as a write-in ballot!

(I hear Harambe has 5% of the voting polls locked down too!)

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~ My name is VlogGrrr and I approve this message! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘



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