Two ladies just knocked on my door. They were wearing Hillary buttons and stickers. One of them had a funny little election hat on and both of them were wearing long sleeve shirts. That’s besides the point, but they were walking door to door, outside, in Florida’s 80 something degree sunny weather! 😥 Anyway, they… Continue reading WHO I’M VOTING FOR PRESIDENT



It’s 8AM and I have not yet slept! I’m exhausted and my eyes are burning and instead of sleeping, I decided to write this blog. 😣

I haven’t written a blog in a while and the ones that I did write were all promoting a YouTube video for you to watch.

Well, I’ve decided not to do that anymore. Sure, I’ll still share some videos with you, but I’m going to start being more honest with you…my blog…and whoever decides to read this. So from now on, I’ll treat this like my journal, and write from my heart and my brain.

I don’t have much else to say, other than Good Night! Below, I’ll post a video of me pulling an all-nighter so you can see how rough I look when I don’t sleep! 😂

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Ask VlogGrrr


This is a pop quiz that I saw on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and I thought it would be fun, seeing as we spend tooo much time on the internet! Tag yourselves and let me know so I can check out your posts! 🙂

WHAT’S YOUR MOST-USED APP?  Twitter and YouTube, hands down!!

WHAT ARE YOUR MOST-USED EMOJIS?  Cringey-Eyed 😣, Crying Laughing 😂, Thumbs Up 👍, Heart ❤, Shocked 😨, and #BeStrongGrrr ✊💪

WHAT’S THE LAST THING YOU ORDERED ONLINE?  Dominos Pizza with a side of Marbled Cookie Brownie Dessert. Mmmm!

WHAT’S THE LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO?  Madilyn Bailey’s version of Titanium

WHAT’S YOUR RECORD FOR THE MOST EPISODES OF A TV SHOW BINGE-WATCHED IN ONE SITTING?  Anywhere between 13 – 18+ episodes! Don’t juuuudge!!


WHAT’S YOUR CURRENT FAVORITE THROWBACK YOUTUBE VIDEO?  It’s kind of corny, but: “EP 10 – CRAB VS. SNAIL: REEF TANK BATTLE” by Blue Damsel. Actually, as I’m writing this, I’m reminded of an even better answer! Remember those “MARCEL THE SHELL” videos?? I love those. Those are my favorite throwback videos. Check them out!

WHO IS THE MOST UNEXPECTED OR SURPRISING CELEBRITY THAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR PHONE CONTACTS?  Does sWooZie count? That’s all I got! And not even his phone number, but his e-mail address. Close enough though, right? No? Okay.







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In January 2016, I started vlogging – keeping a video journal of my life.

When I was in college, from 2002-2007, I kept an online written (typed) journal and found it very therapeutic. I’d write about my stresses and fears and accomplishments and joys. Some of these posts were made public to my friends online, but most of them were kept private and were just a means of getting my thoughts down and working through them. I hadn’t written in a while, mostly because I didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to writing so when New Year 2016 came around and it was time to start thinking about my personal goals for the year, I decided I should resume journal writing in the form of a blog. I thought about it for a couple of weeks and the more I thought, the more I realized it wasn’t a realistic goal for myself. I knew I would start writing for the first week or two and then stop because I’d be too tired, or because I wouldn’t know what to write about, or because my hand would start to cramp up…EXCUSES…I know. But I know myself too well and I knew I wouldn’t keep up with it. And that’s when I thought about starting a video journal.

A video journal seemed more personal because I could actually speak and express the tone of my voice and expressions on my face and get a true picture of my life at any given moment. I was also intrigued by the endless creativity that is possible with a video journal. So I recorded my first vlog and posted it on YouTube. It was bad and it was awkward and it was “cringey” as some would say. I had no idea what I was doing and was extremely camera shy. This is evident by how stiff I am in front of the camera during these first vlogs and videos on my channel. I’ve wanted to delete this first vlog and I’ve deleted several of my first vlogs, but I kept my very first one up on YouTube as a way to mark the date that I started vlogging as well as to show how much I’ve learned and grown as a vlogger/YouTuber and as a person in general.

I’ve come a looong way!

When I first started vlogging, the goal was to do daily vlogs but it became monotonous and boring. Everyday was the same thing. I’d get in my car, run some errands, work, and that was it. It also became overwhelming and time consuming. I couldn’t keep up with the hours it took to edit each day. Then I started making creative videos that included skits and sketch comedy. The response to those videos was very positive and I absolutely loved using my imagination and creativity to turn my silly ideas into something that would make others smile. So I went from being a vlogger to an actual YouTube personality. I have a long way to go before I’m “Internet Famous” and I’m not entirely sure that this is my goal. But for now I’m happy with just creating my videos and getting positive feedback from the small viewing audience that I do have. I’ve made some amazing Internet friends who support me day to day and I’ve even made a couple of fans, which is interesting and pretty cool. It also feels a bit weird at times, letting complete strangers into my life like that and chatting with them as if we’re old friends, but I chat with some of these people EVERYDAY which is more than my own family at times. They’ve become a second family to me.

It’s been a pretty rough year for me so far. I started the year spending an entire week in the hospital with my mom. My Mom’s Mother in Law was living with us and it made for a very tense and stressful time. My grandmother and step dad spent some time in the hospital. My brother broke his neck. My uncle developed cancer and recently had an operation and is undergoing chemotherapy. My other grandmother had an operation, too and her health is very delicate. Some of these events are featured in the vlogs and some are not and through it all, I try to keep my videos as positive as possible. But the encouragement and positivity I get from my viewers has made this year fun and exciting and worthwhile and they have helped to get me through these tough times. I truly look forward to telling them about my day and showing them my video creations. It’s like having a best friend that you’re eager to talk to.

It’s been 9 months since I started vlogging and even though I’ve gone a week or two, here or there, where I’ve been too tired to even think about making a video, I haven’t gotten tired of the process as a whole. I love making my weekly videos more than ever and each new video seems to be more exciting than the last and I eagerly await the chance to create and share the next big video!

I’ve included my first vlog ever down below. Please, don’t judge me based on this video! 🙂 I only share it to show how much I’ve grown and to encourage whoever is reading that just because you may not be that great at something when you first start, don’t give up. Practice really does make perfect and if you stick with it, you might even surprise yourself! ❤

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Ask VlogGrrr


Hey Bloggies!! Recently, someone sent me this question via Twitter (@VlogGrrr) and I thought I’d share and try to answer as best as I can!

“Hi VlogGrrr, I notice in your videos that you talk about being strongrrr and ur always positive. I’m trying to be a better person too but ppl keep testing me. How do I stay positive and b stronger like you said?? Hope you can help and I luv ur videos too thx!”

Let me start off by saying that anyone who is trying to better themselves and can recognize a weakness in themselves and is trying to overcome that, is an AMAZING PERSON!! Also, if you watch my videos or read my blog, then that makes you an AMAZING PERSON too, bias aside! 😉

As much as I want to stay positive, there are definitely times that I want to go off on people too! It is absolutely normal, just like joy, sadness, fear, or any other human emotion. The important thing is how we respond to this emotion. People will try you all the time, especially when life knows that you are trying to be a better person. Life is funny like that. Kind of like when you decide to go on a diet and THAT is the week that you get special treats like free pizza or cake at school or work. Or you parents decide to take you to your favorite restaurant! Life has a way of testing you when you’re most vulnerable. You get bombarded with negativity, or family problems, or tragedies, or your best friends seem to turn their backs on you when you’ve made a conscious decision to stay positive. But it’s up to you if you fight to stay strong and find out how to deal with these hurdles that life drops in your path and how you want to move forward. You can’t control those around you or your situations or your feelings about what is going on but you can control how you react to those situations and feelings. You can get angry but you don’t have to punch anyone or anything. You can get sad but you don’t have to give up on life. You can get scared but you don’t have to let your fear paralyze you and keep you from moving forward.

If it’s somebody that’s close to you like a friend or family member that is “trying” you, it may be because they themselves are going through a difficult time or dealing with some tough emotions and they might be too ashamed or scared to tell you. So instead, they just push you away by hurting you or making you angry. So if it’s a friend that is introducing negativity into your life, you might need to #BeStrongGrrr and find out what the reason is for their behavior. If there’s no explainable or legitimate reason for their behavior, then maybe it’s time to let them go.

People who are unhappy with themselves only serve to bring others down. MISERY. LOVES. COMPANY. When someone is unhappy with themselves they don’t want to be the only one who is miserable while everyone else around them is happy. So these unhappy people will try to focus on other people’s situations around them and try to make them look worse so they can feel better about themselves. They try to bring others down to their own miserable level. On the other hand, when someone is truly happy, the happy person wants to share their joy, and they want everyone else around them to be happy. With this in mind, we shouldn’t get angry by those people who are trying to bring us down. If anything, we should feel bad for them, because that just means that they are so unhappy with themselves and their own life that they have to try to bring others down with them. And we cannot let their negativity and unhappiness dictate our own happiness and positivity.

The biggest advice I can give you for living a positive life and staying positive is to surround yourself with as much positivity as you can, including positive people. (Did you notice that I used the word “positive” 4 times in that last sentence? THAT’S POSITIVE BABYYY!!)  By this, I don’t mean people who have their heads in the clouds and talk about rainbows and fairies all day. I’m referring to people who are kind to you and to others; who will help you and encourage you; and who will speak life into you. Listen to more positive music and read more positive stuff. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook or even reading online blogs (such as this one), make sure that you follow and subscribe to more positive people who say encouraging things throughout the day, instead of those who bash others and like to stir up drama. Be positive towards others and do positive things throughout your day. Even if it’s just a smile or a simple compliment like “I like your shoes;” something as simple as that can go such a long way in brightening up someone’s day.

As I write this, I was having a pretty crappy day. I was in a “funk” as some would say. And one simple, surprise text message from my brother turned my entire day around. The text didn’t even say anything. It was just 2 images of his neck x-rays. But in a moment where I was feeling like nobody cared about little old me (yes, we all feel this way at some point in our lives), my brother let me know that I was in his thoughts. Even if it was just to share his x-rays, I was important enough in his life to share his x-rays with! 😉 Silly, I know! But it’s just the little things that let others know that you notice them and you’re thinking about them and you care enough about them to inject a small dose of positivity in their day. Even if you yourself are having a bad day or aren’t feeling too positive, you will see how sharing some positivity with others can help give you some in return!

So try and block out as much negativity as you can in your life and only let positivity in and you’ll see how much better you feel about yourself and the world around you. I hope this helps and I’m happy that you’re trying your best to be happy and positive! The world needs so much more of that and it starts with me and it starts with you! I love you and remember to always #BeStrongGrrr!

P.S. It also helps to have something to help remind you to stay/think positive. I wear superman wristbands and/or a superman band-aid that helps to remind me to be stronger.

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~ VlogGrrr





Do you ever feel like you are living a double or even triple or quadruple lifestyle?

I do!

My life seems to get so compartmentalized with each task and each role that I play on a daily basis. Sometimes, one compartment isn’t even aware of the others and I tend to feel overwhelmed or lost in the mix. Some of these compartments might include school, work, family life, social life, hobbies, etc. And with each compartment, the expectations and roles can be very different.

Some of my compartments/lives include but are not limited to:

  • Business Owner
  • Family Life
  • YouTuber
  • Singer
  • Writer
  • Beach Volleyball Enthusiast
  • Pokémon GO Collector
  • Poker Player

Business Owner – I own and operate a Civil Process Business. As the only employee, I am in charge of everything from paperwork intake and processing, client relations, daily errands to the bank and post office, pickup and drop off of court documents, delivery of documents to their recipients, invoicing and collecting payments, marketing and acquiring new clients, etc. I am expected to be professional and courteous; prompt and thorough; organized and efficient (among other things of course). I love what I do and I do it well. My clients have no idea whatsoever about my other lives: Family, YouTube, Singing, Writing, Beach Volleyball, Pokémon GO, Poker, etc. and that is perfectly fine. All they know and need to know is that they can count on me to complete each job they send my way.

Family Life – Although I may be single and I don’t have any children that are expecting me home everyday, or a meal on the table or clothes on their backs, I am a daughter and a mother of two fur-babies: Grizzly and Xena. My mom’s health is not the best (neither is my step-dad’s or my grandparents’, or my aunt’s or uncle’s). Family is extremely important to me and when I find out that any one of them is ill or in the hospital, then I make it a point to be the best nurse that I can be! My two dogs require food and water, exercise and love and playtime (and some treats scattered in between). My family expects me to be reliable and supportive; considerate and loving; responsible and intelligent (again, among other things). I love my family and will do anything for them. My family is aware of my other lives: Business, YouTube, Singing, Writing, Beach Volleyball, Pokémon GO, Poker, etc. Some of them are more supportive and involved than others, but family should always come first.

YouTuber – This is the fun one! Currently my main creative outlet (and anyone who knows me well, knows that I NEED a creative outlet), YouTube allows me to create something from nothing; portray a story in any way that I want. I can create a happy story; a sad story (with occasional hints of anger or frustration). I am expected to be innovative and fresh; creative and fun; surprising and new. I absolutely love my online personality and playing around with new ideas and possibilities. My YouTube family knows only what I show them as it relates to my other lives: Business, Family, Singing, Writing, Beach Volleyball, Pokémon GO, Poker, etc. which serves as a great escape from my daily grind. I get the occasional troll or hater but I get to meet and interact with countless of other people who are amazing and encourage me to keep grinding!

Singer / Writer / Beach Volleyball Enthusiast / Pokémon GO Collector / Poker Player – These are additional hobbies that I attempt to juggle in my life when time and energy allows. Like YouTube, Singing and Writing are creative outlets that I have a strong passion for and I am able to integrate with YouTube and this Blog. Beach Volleyball and Pokémon GO allow me to relieve stress and stay active physically and socially. Playing poker, believe it or not, stimulates my mind and keeps me on my toes! 🙂

It’s a lot.

Lots of Lives. Lots of Roles. Lots of Expectations.

But I wouldn’t trade any of them! What different lives and roles are you juggling?

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Hello and welcome to my BLOG!! The name is VlogGrrr because I also post Video Blogs on YouTube! I started Vlogging in January 2016 and I love it! I have learned so much in such a short time about creating videos and video editing. I have made lots of friends and contacts and (according to comments and feedback I have received) I have made people laugh, cry, and apparently very angry! *Grrr*

I’m not new to blogging and actually started my first WordPress blog back in 2010 (You can check it out at It features some of my original writings including short stories and poems. I love being able to express my creativity through writing and YouTube videos!

If you stick around, you’ll learn a LOT about me; possibly too much! My goal is to hopefully inspire you and make you laugh! The first video I’m sharing here is my ROAST YOURSELF CHALLENGE (DISS TRACK) Video. This video was in response to the Roast Yourself Challenge that was started in June 2016 by the YouTuber Ryan Higa.

It was a fun challenge for me and allowed me to combine my love for music, writing and creating videos. I hope you enjoy and will join me on this journey called LIFE. Follow my blog and/or subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I look forward to sharing my journey with YOU! 🙂

~ VlogGrrr